Frequently Asked Questions

No. The badge and lanyard have been sponsored and we use a type that stays fixed and with texts for enhanced visible.

No, not in the fullest, especially true if a speaker on forehand labels it as classified and not to be redistributed. Please respect this!

Short clips and photographing are allowed though, however, the condition for classified material is the same as above.

We strongly value privacy for our delegates and do not share or redistribute contact details to anyone.

For consistency and transparency, we only offer one price without any hidden costs. The conference fee is for the entire trip, and it includes all events, meals, cabins, networking and gifts.

We currently only offer payment by invoice. An invoice will be sent to you within a few days after registration, payment instructions are on the invoice.

Shipowners and operators, shipyards, ports, shipbrokers, naval architects, designers, classification societies, banks, financial institutions, suppliers, etc. Most participants are from the top management.

Value for money

We offer a value for money policy

We offer a value for money policy with all events, meals, cabins, networking and gifts included in the price.

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