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Elizabeth Mandersson

CEO / Owner of Shippax
Organizer of the Shippax Ferry Conference

If you have any further questions regarding the sponsorships, exhibition, bookings or any other matters regarding the participation of the Shippax Ferry Conference, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Victor Mandersson
Editor and Business Development Manager, Shippax

Frederik Erdmann
Senior advisor of Shippax and lead moderator of the Shippax Ferry Conference 

Göran Freiholtz
Advertising Areas Sales Manager, Shippax

Charlotte Skogsberg Jonsson

Sofia Liebon Roos
Accounts, Subscription and Statistics Manager, Shippax

Rickard Ternblom
Co-moderator of the Shippax Ferry Conference

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The booking for the Shippax Ferry Conference 2023 is now open!

Conference 2022

Was held on board SILJA SYMPHONY

Latest reviews (2021)

“We wish to thank you for the wonderful conference as well as the great hospitality on board. See you again next year!” “Well done on overcoming the many challenges to host a successful conference!” “After 1,5 years of online meetings and webinars, it was a great moment to attend my first "life" conference again in 17 months! Thank you for the organisation of this super event!” “It was great to finally meet everyone again! Thank you so much to everyone at Shippax, you did an amazing job as always.” ”The Shippax Ferry Conference shifted from 2020 to 2021, but the enthusiasm and resilience of the organizers did not slow down. Well done!”