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Elizabeth Mandersson

CEO / Owner of Shippax
Organizer of the Shippax Ferry Conference

If you have any further questions regarding the sponsorships, exhibition, bookings or any other matters regarding the participation of the Shippax Ferry Conference, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Philippe Holthof

Senior Advisor & Editor-in-Chief at Shippax
Lead moderator at the Shippax Ferry Conference

Victor Mandersson
Web and Business Development Manager, Shippax

Göran Freiholtz
Advertising Areas Sales Manager, Shippax

Charlotte Skogsberg Jonsson
Graphical Design

Sofia Liebon Roos (On parental leave. Replaced by Annelie)
Accounts, Subscription and Statistics Manager, Shippax

Annelie Malmstedt
Accounts, Subscription and Statistics Manager, Shippax

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The booking for the Shippax Ferry Conference 2019 is now open!

Conference 2018

Was held on board Color Line's COLOR MAGIC. Photos available.

Latest reviews (2018)

“The conference was extremely informative both the speakers as well as attendees”. “I certainly did not realise there would be so many people in attendance”. “It was the best conference by far”. “It was an excellent conference - congratulations!”. “I must compliment you on a very engaging conference this year. This was my 5th Shippax Conference and I am delighted to say that it was by far the best that I have attended”. “The COLOR MAGIC ship was excellent, however it was the quality and content of the presentations and the topics that really made the event stand out”.”We had an fantastic time on the conference and registered an all-time high interest for our services”