Elizabeth Mandersson

CEO / Owner of Shippax
Organizer of the Shippax Ferry Conference

If you have any further questions regarding the sponsorships, exhibition, bookings or any other matters regarding the participation of the Shippax Ferry Conference, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Victor Mandersson
Editor and Business Development Manager Shippax

Frederik Erdmann
Moderator and contributing correspondent Shippax

Göran Freiholtz
Advertising Areas Sales Manager Shippax

Charlotte Skogsberg Jonsson
Statistics Manager & Graphic Production Shippax

Sofia Liebon Roos
Financial Manager & Administrative Coordinator Shippax

Alan Lam
Co-moderator and contributing correspondent and analyst Shippax

Value for money

We offer a value for money policy

We offer a value for money policy with all events, meals, cabins, networking and gifts included in the price.

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