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**include (for each delegate): conference attendance; cabin (as chosen below)
Stockholm - Tallinn and return May 13-15, 2024 on BALTIC QUEEN; two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners including beer, wine, water, dinner drinks, happy hour and night caps.

Our price policy is to give you "Value for money" at affordable prices (see separate specification).
Single cabin/one delegate SEK USD EUR
22950 2300 2200
24950 2500 2400
25950 2600 2500
31950 3200 3100
Double cabin/two delegates SEK USD EUR
39015 3900 3700
42415 4300 4100
44115 4500 4200
54315 5500 5200
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Please note: If you book a double cabin, registration for delegate 1, will be completed in step 3.

Delegate 2

Dietary or special requirements and food allergies – please let us know.

All participants who wish to attend the conference must be registered. An invoice will be sent to you within a few days, payment instructions on the invoice.

During late of April 2024 information about, your voucher, badge and check-in documents will be sent to you based on your registration form and payment.

The booking is binding and non-refundable. Should you be unable to attend the conference, a substitute participant is always welcome at no extra charge if he/she carries a letter of authorisation from the original participant and if the conference office has been notified of the name of the substitute participant before the conference.

Shippax is not responsible or liable for damages and/or losses caused by events outside Shippax’ control such as strikes, natural disasters, weather conditions, sea damage, war, terrorist attacks, revolt, virus epidemics or other similar events. In case of these events, no refund will be made. In case of force majeure, Shippax holds the right to change date and/or location of the conference.

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Conference 2023

Was held on board CRUISE BARCELONA

Latest reviews (2023)

“A huge thank you to the entire Shippax team for this year's conference! It was an absolute pleasure attending!”. “The importance of topics and relevance to what is happening in the shipping industry was exceptional among the speakers and panel. Congratulations on an assembly of leading delegates.”. “I and many people I spoke to thought this conference was one of the best that has ever been organised, and with its 20th anniversary this bodes well for the future.“. “What a fantastic couple of days at the 20th Anniversary of the Shippax Ferry Conference. A big thank you for enabling such important discussions on the latest topics and a great mix of industry professionals together.“. “Extremely interesting debates, speeches and meetings with all our industry’s protagonists! “. “Thank you team Shippax for a most productive, informative and enjoyable conference.